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Time magazine recently reported that the best way to learn new material is to use Flash cards in short but frequency study sessions. Citing decades of scientific literature, a recent study praised practice testing with flash cards while assigning two common practices, highlighting text and long cramming sessions as the “Worst Learning Techniques”. The Time article provides a summary of the findings of Professor John Dunlosky, whose work was recently released by Association for Psychological Science.

Of course, this study only confirms what we already thought to be true: Using our Question and Answer flash card applications will help you ace your nursing exams. With over 12,000 questions in 7 targeted apps, you won’t find a better value in Nursing Education material anywhere on the web. These apps are available for IOS, Android and Blackberry, so you can use them on your phone or tablet. Take advantage of your phone as a learning tool and use our apps to get your short flash card reviews any time you want and where ever you go.

Psychiatric Nursing Volume I

Med Surg Volume I

Med Surg Volume II

Pediatric Nursing

Physiology and Pathophysiology




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iPhone Nursing ECG Interpretation QRS Interval ECG Interpretation

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Android Nursing Reproductive Pathophysiology Intubation and Ventilators intramural leiomyoma

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Third Spacing Musculoskeletal System and Care Respiratory System Musculoskeletal System and Care

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