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Basic Nurse Assisting - Textbook, Workbook and Mosbys Nursing Assistant Skills DVD - Student Version 3.0 Package, 1e

This convenient, money-saving package includes Stassis Basic Nurse Assisting, 1st edition, the workbook for Basic Nurse Assisting, and Mosbys Nursing Assistant Skills DVD 3.0 - Student Version. With this special money-saving package, you get the DVD for an additional $10.00!
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Aequanimitas, with other addresses to medical students, nurses and practitioners of medicine ;

This book was originally published prior to 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the same format as the original work. While some publishers have opted to apply OCR (optical character recognition) technology to the process, we believe this leads to sub-optimal results (frequent typographical errors, strange characters and confusing formatting) and does not adequately preserve the historical character of the original artifact. We believe this work is culturally important in its original archival form. While we strive to adequately clean and digitally enhance the original work, there are occasionally instances where imperfections such as blurred or missing pages, poor pictures or errant marks may have been introduced due to either the quality of the original work or the scanning process itself. Despite these occasional imperfections, we have brought it back into print as part of our ongoing global book preservation commitment, providing customers with access to the best possible historical reprints. We appreciate your understanding of these occasional imperfections, and sincerely hope you enjoy seeing the book in a format as close as possible to that intended by the original publisher.
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Sue Barton, Student Nurse

Sue Barton, Student Nurse [Jun 01, 1936] Helen Dore Boylston and Major Felten ... 0316104795
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Textbook for Dental Nurses

This best selling textbook for dental nurses completely covers the syllabus for the British Dental Nurses Association. The eighth edition has been updated to incorporate all those changes which have occurred since the last edition appeared in 1991. These include an increased use of technology, a greater awareness of cross-infection, new materials and techniques and new legislation. There is an increase in the number of detailed illustrations, more sample examination questions and more advice on how to approach the practical tests.
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The Student Nurse Guide to Decision Making in Practice

"This book is extremely enjoyable to read. The practical and real life exercises take this book to the next level and make a heavy subject enjoyable and educational ... a must have guide for all student nurses."
Lisa Perraton, Student Nurse, University of Chester, UK

"This book is an excellent study guide for student nurses which can be used in a wide variety of settings ranging from writing essays to putting skills into practice in the clinical setting ... The exercises given at regular intervals allow the student nurse to build upon their reflective skills and help retain the information given so I recommend student nurses to give them a try. Not only can it be useful to student nurses, it is essential reading for those who have, or are about to qualify. It covers in depth a wide variety of material which is presented clearly and is very easy to follow. The additional references given at the end of each chapter are excellent."
Gem Smith, Student Nurse, Northumbria University, UK

This practical book provides a framework to assist student nurses in developing skills as decision makers. The book uses cases and practical examples to help relate theory to practice, starting with the transition to becoming a student nurse and moving through the different stages of a pre-registration nursing course.

Key topics explored include:

  • Learning to make clinical decisions
  • Using knowledge to inform decisions
  • Making decisions as part of a team
  • Reflecting on practice and building a portfolio
  • Understanding ethical and legal issues involved in decision making
  • Making the transition from being a student to making clinical decisions as a registered nurse.
Clinical scenarios are used to highlight key points within the book and reflective activities are included for students to complete and use as part of their portfolio and skill development.

The Student Nurse Guide to Decision Making in Practice is designed to be used throughout the whole nursing programme, is suitable to all nursing branches and offers a useful guide for ongoing practice.

Ian Simpson, Dawn Ritchie, Anne Bacon

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From Student to Nurse: A Longitudinal Study of Socialization (American Sociological Association Rose Monographs)

In this study of student nurses at Duke University, Professor Simpson challenges earlier research by demonstrating that a professional school does socialise its students. In addition, by constructing a model that brings together competing theories of socialisation, she finds that socialisation is not necessarily cumulative or unidirectional. Conceptualisations that focus on individual students, such as those emphasising role modelling, student values or peer relations, obscure the most significant conditions and processes. The program of a school is the fundamental structure of occupational socialisation and this structure, not its students, should be blamed for failures and praised for success.
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Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia, Second Edition: A Student-Centered Approach

Praise for the first edition:

[A] welcome addition to the reference materials necessary for the study of nurse anesthesia....The textbook is divided into logical, easy to use sections that cover all areas necessary for the practice of nurse anesthesia....This is a text that is easy to read and able to be incorporated into any nurse anesthesia chemistry and physics course. I would recommend this textbook to any program director.

--Anthony Chipas, PhD, CRNA
Division Director, Anesthesia for Nurses Program
Medical University of South Carolina

Nurse anesthesia students will welcome the second edition of this text designed for the combined course in chemistry and physics that is required for this program. It is written in a clear, conversational style to counteract the trepidation that often accompanies the study of chemistry and physics, and includes only those core scientific concepts that relate to clinical anesthesia application. Numerous illustrations demonstrate how the scientific concepts relate directly to their clinical application in anesthesia, and plentiful case studies exemplify and reinforce basic concepts. Review question at the end of each chapter facilitate self-assessment.

This second edition offers numerous features that will further assist students with understanding and mastery of the material. These new features are the direct result of knowledge gained from on-line and traditional classroom teaching experiences. They include chapter summaries, additional questions and answers at the end of each chapter specific to nurse anesthesia, end-of-chapter summaries, and lists of formulas and constants discussed in the book. Fifteen videos vividly demonstrate the key principles of the chemistry and physics of nurse anesthesia. Corresponding to various sections of the book, they supplement and illustrate text content. Also available are revised PowerPoint slides for faculty use. The first edition of this popular text is currently being used by eight nurse anesthesia programs throughout the United States and many additional programs plan to adopt the second edition.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Emphasizes content in chemistry and physics that relates specifically to anesthesia, with a strong focus on gases
  • Includes case studies to illustrate and reinforce knowledge
  • Provides additional end-of-chapter problems focused on anesthesia
  • Relates core scientific concepts to clinical anesthesia application
  • Offers fifteen videos demonstrating key principles of the physics and chemistry of nurse anesthesia
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How to Be a Nurse Assistant: Making a Difference in Long Term Care (Student Textbook)

Book by Margaret Casey-Mederios, RN
(9/22/2017 1:40:04 AM EST)
Critical Care Registered Nurse, CCRN Review Course textbook

This workbook style CCRN review book is sure to assist any Critical Care Provider in preparing for certification. It is geared primarily towards the Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) exam and is a fill in the blank style. Illustrations and pneumonics make this material easy to remember and understand. We have a CD Audio box set of this live class that goes nicely with this book. In addition to being industry recognized leaders in their field, several of our lecturers are also Editorial members with the Air Medical Journal , having worked in the industry for a combined sixty years and have experience in Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal, Obstetric, Trauma, Emergency, and Critical Care. This book is sure to assist anyone wanting to expand their knowledge, better themselves clinically, or to prepare for any of these tough examinations.
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Student Nurse Handbook: Difficult Concepts Made Easy (2nd Edition)

A “must-have” resource for all nursing personnel, this book focuses on areas in nursing that consistently cause the most confusion. The engaging, reader-friendly writing style simplifies difficult concepts and presents them in a clear, concise manner. Chapter topics cover ABGs, drug calculations and medication issues, laboratory and diagnostic studies, ECG, and epidemiology. Handy survival tips for clinical settings are also included—with advice on using the Internet to access current nursing information, and how to communicate more effectively For nurses, social workers, and other allied health professionals.

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Textbook of Biochemistry for Nurses

A sound knowledge of biochemistry is necessary for understanding the pathophysiology of disease, its diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Since the nursing community works closely in association with clinicians in patient care, it is important for them to be aware of the biochemical aspects of human diseases. Textbook of Biochemistry for Nurses including nutrition has been designed to cater to the needs of the nursing students. It is an effort to present biochemistry for nurses including certain topics of nutrition in simple and understandable form. This book is useful for first year B.Sc. nursing and PCBSc nursing students and paramedical courses
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Nurse Anesthesia Pocket Guide: A Resource For Students And Clinicians

Just 3x5 -- fits into the palm of your hand! Accurate, Fast Information for Nurse Anesthesia Professionals and Students! Providing thorough information for all anesthesia providers, the easy-to-read and easy-to-use Nurse Anesthesia Pocket Guide, Second Edition includes general anesthesia principles, obstetrics, pediatrics, regional anesthesia, and medication charts. This pocket guide addresses crucial clinical topics ranging from general information such as gas machine tanks and canisters, to specific information on what anesthetics produce histamine release and have analgesic properties, to emergency information for a patient with Malignant Hyperthermia.