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Psychiatric Nursing


The psychiatric “Nursing in a Flash” module is a tool for nursing students to reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom. The flash cards cover common psychiatric conditions, medications and Pathophysiology. It is designed to provide review of concepts needed to ace nursing exams.

Questions are grouped into chapters and sub-categories for easy reviewing. Select any sub-category to start your review session. Your performance history and progress will be stored as you go so you can exit any time and pick up right where you left off when you come back. You can review your stats at the sub-category start screen and mastery icons will be added to each question set as you hit review milestones.

Sample Questions
Any drugs that modifies psychotic behavior and exerts an antipsychotic effect is referred to as a __________ drug.
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Positive symptoms of schizophrenia include:
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Any exaggeration of normal function or symptom that is present that shouldn't be like agitation, incoherent speech, hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.
What is the major difference between typical and atypical antipsychotic medications?
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Typical antipsychotics treat positive symptoms (blocking D2 receptors) and atypical antipsychotics treat positive and negative symptoms (blocking D2 and D4 receptors).
Typical antipsychotics are further categorized as phenothiazines, thioxanthenes and butyrophenones. What is the difference between the different subcategories?
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Phenothiazines & thioxanthenes block norepinephrine which causes sedative and hypotensive effects early in treatments. Butyrophenones block only dopamine.
Acute dystonia and akathisia are more likely to develop from typical antipsychotics early or late in the treatment regimen?
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Psychiatric Disorders

Antipsychotics and anxiolytics

Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Topic Questions

Elderly Psychiatric Conditions

Delirium and Dementias 172
Mental Health Assmt Elderly 30

Pediatric Psychiatric Nursing

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders 71
Mental Health Assmt Children 39


Psychopharmacology 72
Alzheimers Medications 6
Antipsychotics and Anxiolytics 41
Psychiatric Biology 93

Psychiatric Assessment-Fundamentals

Psychiatric Nursing Process 72
Psych Family Assessments 39
Psych Nursing Theories 128
Mental Illness Classification 18
Homeless and Mentally Ill 15
Interventions with Groups 104
Social Stigma of Psych 18
Therapeutic Relationships 52
Stress and Mental Health 84

Psychiatric Disorders

Substance Related Disorders 41
Somatoform and Related Disorders 57
Schizophrenia 145
Sleep Disorders 107
Eating Disorders 82
Co occurring Disorders 13
Mood Disorders 171
Personality and Impulse Disorders 166

Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders 154


Suicide 51


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