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What are the three acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChE inhibitors) that are used to treat Alzheimers?
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Cognex/tacrine, donepezil/Aricept & rivastigmine/Exelon.
How often is tacrine/Cognex given daily?
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4 times a day
What are the risks associated with tacrine/Cognex?
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It is hepatotoxic and shouldn't be given to patients with existing renal or liver disease.
How does food consumption impact the availability of tacrine/Cognex, does it increase absorption, decrease absorption or prevent GI problems?
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Decreases drug availability, it shouldn't be taken with food.
Which AChE isn't associated with hepatoxicity, but causes GL upset and weight loss?
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What are common side effects of AChE inhibitors?
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Bradycardia and hypotension

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