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A syndrome that has multiple causes and may represent several difference areas of disease states that have not yet been defined?.
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Mental disorder
Term used to mean a diagnosable mental disorder?
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Mental illness
What is the negative consequence of a diagnosis of a mental illness?
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The term for a recurrent, locality-specific pattern of aberrant behavior and trouble experience that is limited to specific societies or culture areas is?
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Culture-bound syndrome
Which syndromes do not fit the DSM-IV-TR classification of mental disorders, and why?
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Culture-bound syndromes, because the DSM-IV-TR is dominated by Western thought
Describe the general categories of disorders included in the five Axes of the DSM-IV-TR:
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Axis 1: clinical disorders/mental health diagnosis, excludes mental retardation & personality disorders. Axis 2: mental retardation & personality disorders. Axis 3: medical diagnosis (i.e. asthma). Axis 4: psychosocial problems (stressors) or probl
__________ is the study of patterns of disease distribution and determinants of health within populations. The focuses include health status of aggregates and their associated factors.
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What is Ataque de Nervios?
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A culture bound syndrome associated with Latinos from the Caribbean It is characterized by shouting, crying, trembling, heat in the chest that rises to the head, and verbal or physical aggression. Typically occurs after a stressful event involving famil
What is Brain Fag?
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A culture bound syndrome associated with high school or university students who are responding to the challenges of schooling. Term was originally used in West Africa.
What is Falling-Out/Blacking Out?
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A culture bound syndrome that occurs primarily in the southern US and Caribbean. Sudden collapse that is preceding by dizziness. The eyes are usually open, but the person is unable to see.
What is Mal de Ojo?
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A culture bound syndrome also referred to as the evil eye. Often found in Mediterranean cultures. Characterized by fitful sleep, crying without cause, diarrhea, vomiting and in children it is accompanied by a fever.
What is Shenjuing Shuairo?
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A culture bound syndrome also referred to as neurasthenia. It is often found in China and is characterized by physical/mental fatigue, dizziness, headaches, pain, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, memory loss, GI problems, sexual dysfunctio
What is Hwa-Byung?
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A culture bound syndrome found in Korea. Characterized by insomnia, sensation of heat, pins and needles sensations, headache, or sensation of epigastric mass.
The epidemiologic term for the proportion of cases in the population when compared to the total population?
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The epidemiologic term for the total number of people who have the disorder within a specified time, regardless of how long ago the disorder started?
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The epidemiologic term for the basic measure of the proportion of individuals in a population that have the disorder at a specified point in time? Often expressed as a fraction.
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Point prevalence
The epidemiologic term for the rate of new cases that have occurred within a clearly defined time period?
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_________ is the term that refers to the proportion of the population that has a disorder.
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Rate of occurrence

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