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T/F Demonstrating acceptance is the same thing as agreeing with what a patient is stating.
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False, acceptance is considered a neutral stance that allows a patient to continue sharing.
Why should biologic information always be considered when assessing psychiatric conditions?
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Many physical conditions can impact a person's mental health.
During a physical examination of a patient with a psychiatric condition, what abnormal labs a cause for concern, and why?
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Any abnormalities of the renal, hepatic, or urinary system are concerning because these systems metabolize or excrete many psychiatric medications.
Changes in _________ patterns often reflect changes in a patient's emotions and are symptoms of disorders.
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How can lithium impact CBC results?
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A patient may develop leukocytosis (mild to moderate increase in leukocyte)
An elevated red cell distribution width (RBC width) in a CBC can be indicative of what condition?
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Anemia from chronic alcoholism resulting from vitamin B12, folate acid and iron deficiencies.
How can birth control medications impact a mental health exam?
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Birth control medications can alter mood, manifesting as a psychiatric problem
What should a nurse record/document at the beginning of an interview with a psychiatric patient?
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Their initial impressions of the patient
Several terms are used to describe mood. Euthymic means?
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Normal mood
Several terms are used to describe mood. Euphoric means?
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Elated mood
Several terms are used to describe mood. Labile means?
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Rapid, changeable mood
Several terms are used to describe mood. Dysphoric means?
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Depressed, disquieted, restless
How does a nurse ascertain whether a patient is oriented?
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Ask the date, time, and current location of the interview setting.
______ refers to the prominent, sustained, overall emotions that a person expresses and exhibits.
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______ refers to a person's outward expression of emotions.
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What terms are used to describe the range of affect?
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Full range or restricted
What terms are used to describe the intensity of affect?
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Increased, flat or blunted
What terms are used to describe the stability of affect?
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Mobile (normal) or labile
What are the four components to describe a patient's affect?
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Range, intensity, stability and appropriateness
A person who expresses emotions consistent with their stated feelings and content being expressed is described as having what range of affect?
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Full range
Why is assessment of a patient's speech important?
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Speech provides clues about a patient's thoughts, emotional patterns and cognitive organization.
What terms are used to describe a patient's speech?
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Pressured, fast, slow or fragmented
How does a nurse assess a patient's comprehension?
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Ask the patient to name objects
How does a nurse assess a patient's cognition?
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By using memory, calculation and reasoning tests to identify specific areas of impairment.
What are the components of cognition that are assessed by the nurse?
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Attention & Concentration, Abstract Reasoning & Comprehension, Memory and Insight
What test is used to assess for a patient's concentration/attention?
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Ask the patient to subtract 7 from 100 until they reach 65, or subtract 3 from 20 until they reach 0.
What test is used to assess for a patient's abstract reasoning and comprehension?
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Ask them to interpret a proverb like A penny saved is a penny earned.
What test is used to assess a patient's immediate and short term memory?
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Give the patient three unrelated words and ask them to repeat them immediately, in 5 minutes, and again in 15 minutes.
_________ is a person's awareness of his/her own thoughts and feelings and ability to compare them with the thoughts and feelings of others.
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_________ is the ability to reach a logical decision about a situation and to choose a course of action after examining and analyzing various possibilities.
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