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What are a client's basic needs?
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Oxygen, nutrition, optimum temperature/humidity
Hypothermia occurs when the core body temperature is ____? or below.
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95? (35?C)
What are some controllable conditions that decrease physical hazards?
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Adequate lighting, soft and nonglaring, remove obstacles, bathroom modifications, smoke detectors/fire extinguishers, door/window locks
____ is the primary cause of air pollution in schools, homes and workplaces.
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What are the 9 life-saving patient safety solutions?
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Be aware of look-alike/sound alike med names, use patient identifiers (2), communicate during patient handover, perform correct procedure at correct site, control concentrated electrolyte solutions, ensure med accuracy during transition in care, avoid catheter/tubing misconnection, don't reuse single use devices, wash hands
The majority of med errors occur during the ___ and ___ stages.
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ordering and administering
What three types of medical errors accounted for 60% of safety incidents?
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Infection after surgery, bedsores, failure to diagnose and treat in time
What is the most common factor precipitating a client's fall?
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getting up to go to the restroom
For restraints to be applied, a ____ assessment and ____ must occur.
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face to face assessment and Dr.'s order
Your patient required emergency restraints because they were choking themselves with a sheet. To CYA, you need to get ____.
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Dr.'s order within one hour.
Prior to applying restraints, you should pad ___.
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Skin and bony prominences.
A belt restraint prevents?
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a client from rolling off a stretcher, falling out of bed or sitting up on stretcher.
____ restraints are commonly used on children to keep them from removing IVs.
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Elbow restraints
A ____ restraint is useful when examining or treating a child's head or neck.
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Restraints should be attached to the ____ part of the bed frame.
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Moveable **NOT the side rail!**
How do you ensure a restraint isn't compromising a patient?
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check skin, integrity, pulses, temperature, color, sensation every two hours and slide two fingers under restraint
Fire extinguishers. A=;B=;C=?
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A=ordinary combustibles, B=flammalbe liquids, C=electrical equipment
What does PASS stand for?
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Pull pin, Aim low, Squeeze trigger, Sweep side to side
Immediately post-seizure a client should be placed in the ____ position.
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Clients exposed to anthrax should?
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remove clohtes and store in labeled plastic bags, shower, and IV or oral fluoroquinolones
____ is the post exposure prophylaxis of choice for botulism.
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What are the 4 phases of an emergency management plan?
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Mitigation (assessment), preparedness, response, recovery

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