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____ sense enables a person to be aware of the position and movement of body parts without seeing them.
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____ is a sense that allows a person to recognize an object's shape, size and texture.
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The ____ in the brain step mediates all sensory stimuli to the cerebral cortex.
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Reticular activating system
Racing thoughts, scattered attention, restlessness and anxiety are signs and symptoms of sensory ____.
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____ is the sense of balance, spatial orientation, and coordination.
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____ aphasia is the inability to understand written or spoken language.
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____ aphasia is the inability to name common objects or express simple ideas in words or writing.
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Near sightedness is a ____.
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Refractive error
What colors are harder for older people to see?
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blue, violet, and green
Excessive cerumen occluding the ear canal causes ____ hearing loss.
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____ is an oversensitivity to tactile stimuli.
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