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Thyroid drugs enhance the action of _______, _______ and _______.
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oral anticoagulants, sympathomimetics, and antidepressants
Thyroid drugs decrease the action of _______, _______ and _______.
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insulin, oral hypoglycemics and digitalis preparations
Phenytoin and _______ can enhance the action of thyroid hormone.
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Meglitinides should not be prescribed for patients with _______.
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liver dysfunction
Acetohexamide (Dymelor) is a/an _______ hypoglycemic drug. Its duration of action is _______ than tolbutamide (Orinase).
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Dymelor: intermediate acting, longer acting than Orinase
How does Metformin/ Glucophage work?
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Decreases production of glucose in the liver. Decreases absorption of glucose from small intestine. Increases muscle cell receptor sensitivity.
New antidiabetic drugs are the nonsulfonylureas. These drugs are used to control serum glucose levels following a meal by...
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decreasing hepatic production of glucose from stored glucagon
People on corticotropin shouldn't take what medications?
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Anti-pseudomonas penicillins (like piperacillin) = decreased K+. Digitalis with decreased K+ = toxicity. Phenytoin, rifampin and barbiturates increases metabolism, decreasing ACTH effect.
What should you tell your patient about their hypothyroid medication?
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Take it at the same time every day. Check OTC labels for interactions. Watch for hyperthyroid symptoms.
Prandin and Starlix are taken _______ because it _______.
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AC (before meals): 30 minutes; has short time until peak
What insulin's can be mixed at different concentrations?
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Humulin NPH and Humulin R (draw clear, then cloudy).
_______ is an oral mineral corticoid that can cause a negative _______ balance. Increased protein diet is recommended.
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Florinef/Fludrocortisone; negative Nitrogen; (monitor K+)
Metformin is not recommended for patients with _______.
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renal impairment (*eliminated unchanged in urine)
_______, _______ inhibitors, _______ & _______ decrease insulin needs.
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Tricyclic antidepressants, MOA inhibitors, aspirin products & oral anticoagulants
Lispro/Humalog's action begins in _______ and the duration is _______.
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begins in 5-15 minutes; lasts 2-4 hrs (give 5 minutes before a meal)
As the result of severe head trauma or allergic reaction, the glucocorticoids used to treat a severe inflammatory response is _______.
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Glyburide is a _______ sulfonylurea.
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long acting
_______ is a risk, exacerbated by poor diet, changes in activity or a growth spurt.
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Increased risk of hypoglycemia
Long acting insulin acts in _______ hours, peaks in _______ hours and lasts _______ hours.
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4-8 hours; 14-20 hours; 24-36 hours
What should you tell your patient about their hyperthyroid medication?
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Take with meals to decrease GI upset. Avoid iodine in salt/seafood. *Don't abruptly stop meds! No drug during pregnancy.
_______ is administered via IV for a Thyrotoxic crisis. It is also used to decrease goiters; the drug is _______ and then sipped thru a straw to avoid _______.
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Iodine/Lugol's solution; diluted; teeth staining
_______ are the drugs of choice used to decrease thyroid hormone production.
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Thioamides (block action rather than destroy tissue)
How is growth hormone administered and why?
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Sub Q and IV. Cannot be given orally because the drug is inactivated by the GI tract.
Calderol, Rocaltrol and Hytakerol are used to treat _______.
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Hypoparathyroidism and hypocalcemia
What patients are prescribed Metformin/Glucophage?
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Newly diagnosed Type II diabetes patients. *Causes a small amount of weight loss.
How does Calcitriol work?
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Promotes calcium absorption from the intestines and renal tubules.
Patients on ACTH should decrease _______ and may need a _______ supplement.
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salt intake; K+ supplement
What is the major drawback of Actos and Avandia?
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Some correlation with the use of this med and heart failure.
Januvia increases _______ & _______.
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Januvia blocks _______, allowing incretins to work on pancreatic alpha and beta cells.
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