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Curling's ulcers are _______ ulcers that develop after _______.
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ischemic stress ulcers; after severe burns
Manipulation of a baby's legs towards the hips; pops/clicks =DDH...
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Otolani Maneuver
How is compartment syndrome treated?
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Dislocated DDH = _______ Subluxated DDH = _______ Acetabular dysplasia DDH = _______
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dislocated = no contact; subluxated = partial; and acetabular dysplasia = femoral head is fine, acetabulum is shallow.
What lab tests can be used to diagnose RA?
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Rheumatoid factor (RF); Cyclic Citronated Peptide (CCP)
RA is a _______ disease. Due to this, a patient may have a fever.
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A (+) ANA =
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Some form of rheumatic disease.
What is the only common symptom shared by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis?
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Joint Pain
You squeeze a patient's hand firmly and they express that it's painful. This can be a (+) test for...
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Infection of the bone...
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In RA, usually the _______ joints hurt first.
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smaller (usually starts with the end of fingers and wrist)
What is the most common direct cause of myoglobinuria?
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MVA/Crush injury
How is osteomalacia treated?
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Vitamin D and calcium supplements.
Children with RF _______ have a worse prognosis than those with RF _______.
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(+) = poorer prognosis than (-)
If a child has JRA with systemic symptoms, this is called _______.
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Still's disease
What is the biggest contributor to the development of rickets?
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Vitamin D deficiency. When there is not enough to bind to calcium in order to get it absorbed.
What is synovitis and what disease is it associated with?
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inflammation of the synovial membrane, associated with JRA
Kids with rickets typically present with _______ bones.
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Children _______ grow out of Juvenile RA.
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Osgood-Schlatter disease is more common in _______.
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Boys, especially adolescent boys who play sports and are actively growing.
Osteoarthritis is a/an _______ joint disease; it tends to be on _______ side(s).
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non-inflammatory joint disease; starts out on one side (asymmetrical)
What is an ulnar drift and what disease is it associated with?
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Fingers drift towards the ulnar bone, associated with RA
What are the drawbacks of an RF lab test?
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It isn't always (+) when a person has RA.
How are muscle strains treated?
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RICE and ibuprofen or Tylenol.
Why do children with Duchenne's look bulky?
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They look bulky because the fat and connective tissue that replaces the damaged muscle take up more room.
Muscle strains take _______ to heal and are usually more painful on day _______.
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days to heal; worse on day 2
Rheumatoid arthritis is a _______ disease.
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systemic, autoimmune disease. Nothing to do with joint pressure or getting older.
How are contractures treated?
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Once they form, cannot be fixed. Prevention (PT) is key.
Who typically suffers from contractures?
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People who are elderly or immobilized.
The _______ is where gout typically manifests initially.
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big toe

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