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_______, _______ and _______ cells are incapable of dividing.
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Nerve, Lens and muscle
Endotoxin are released at cell death by Gram _______ organisms.
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Calcium causes cell injury because there is a/an _______.
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The most common cause of cellular injury and death is....
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Reduced blood supply is called...
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Ischemia, form of hypoxic damage.
Total deprivation of oxygen...
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The process of the breakdown of proteins is called...
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ubiquitization and/or protein catabolism.
_______, _______, and _______ cells divide very rapidly.
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Endothelial, lung and skin
In Rh incompatibility mom is Rh_____ and baby is Rh_____.
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mom = Rh - and baby = Rh +
At what month in utero does a fetus begin producing RBCs in the bone marrow?
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HDN is an _______ disease that resolves over time once the baby is born.
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alloimmune; usually ABO incompatability between mom and baby, mom usually O.
A beta structure is a _______ protein structure.
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ABO group consists of 2 major groups A and B. They are _______.
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codominant; = 4 blood types
In recessive disease the _______ alleles result in disease and _______ alleles result in carriers.
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homozygous (dd), heterozygous (Dd)
What is the first RNA to be formed by nRNA?
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HN rna
The checkpoints in mitotic division are...
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CDK 4/6 and CDK 2
The area of DNA to be replicated is called...
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a replicon
_______, _______ and _______ cells possesses the enzyme telomerase allowing for infinite divisions.
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germ cells, bone marrow, umbilical stem cells
Predominant allele
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Wild type
Same locus, different allele
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Polymorphism (like blue eyes)
Klinefelter's impacts _______ only. It is _______.
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males, XXY
Turners results from _______ of X chromosome.
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monosomy non-disjunction (X only)
% of people that have a mutation that show phenotype.
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Polygenic diseases are ones that:
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is the result of several genes; occurs in 1st degree relatives.
An example of hemizygous would be...
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_______ segments are the most mutated, but cause no harm.
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Somatic mutations are _______ from generation to generation.
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not transmitted
Germ cell mutations are _______ from generation to generation.
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An autosomal dominant disease will potentially affect _______% of offspring.
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An autosomal recessive gene will impact _______% of offspring.
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