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1) The term nursing process was first used in which year?
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1) 1955
2) In the 1960's, nursing theorist began to describe nursing as:
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2) A distinct entity among the healthcare professions and also delineated specific steps in a process approach to nursing practice.
3) In 1967, Yura and Walsh published the first comprehensive book on the:
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3) Nursing process
4) The book on the nursing process described four steps in the nursing process:
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4) Assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation.
5) What are the five steps in the nursing process that is used today?
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5) Assessment, diagnosis, outcome and planning, implementation, evaluation
6) When were the steps of the nursing process legitimized?
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6) 1973
7) What is the nursing process?
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7) A systematic method that directs the nurse and patient
8) The process provides a framework that enables the nurse and patient to accomplish the following:
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8) Systematically collect patient data. Clearly identify patient strengths and actual and potential problems. Develop a holistic plan of individualized care that specifies the desired patient goals and related outcomes and the nursing interventions most likely to assist the patient to meet those expected outcomes. Execute the plan of care. Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan of care in terms of patient goal achievement.
9) T/F In each step of the process, the nurse and patient work together as partners.
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9) True
10) What is assessing?
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10) Collection, validation, and communication of patient data.
11) What is the purpose of assessing?
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11) Make a judgment about the patient's health status, ability to manage his or her own healthcare, and need for nursing.
12) What is diagnosing?
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12) Analysis of patient data to identify patient strengths and health problems that independent nursing interventions can prevent or resolve.
13) What is the purpose of diagnosing?
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13) To develop a prioritized list of nursing diagnoses.
14)What is the description of outcome identification and planning?
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14) Specification of (1) patient outcomes to prevent, reduce or resolve problems identified in the nursing diagnoses; and (2) related nursing interventions.
15) What is the purpose of outcome identification and planning?
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15) To develop an individualized plan of nursing care. Identify patient strengths that can be tapped to facilitate achievement of desired outcomes.
16) What is the description of implementing?
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16) Carrying out the plan of care.
17) What is the purpose of implementing?
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17) Assists patients two achieve desired outcomes
18) What is the description of evaluating?
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18) Measuring the extent to which the patient has achieved to outcomes specified in the plan of care; identifying factors that positively or negatively influenced outcome achievement.
19) What is the purpose of evaluations?
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19) To continue, modify, or terminate nursing care.
20) What is problem-solving?
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20) Identifying a problem and then taking steps to resolve it are a matter of common sense.
21) What is trial-and-error problem solving?
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21) Testing any number of solutions until one is found that works for that particular problem.
22) T/F the trial-and-error problem soloing method is efficient.
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22) False: It is not efficient and can be dangerous to the patient
23) What is scientific problem-solving?
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23) Systematic, seven-step problem-solving process
24) What are the seven steps in the problem-solving method?
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24) Problem Identification. Data collection. Hypothesis formulation. Plan of action. Hypothesis testing. Interpretation of results. Evaluation
25) The scientific is used most correctly in a ____ _______ _____.
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25) Controlled laboratory setting.
26) T/F The ability to communicate clearly is a critical nursing skill.
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26) True
27) What is the primary purpose of the nursing process?
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27) Help nurses manage each patient's care scientifically, holistically and creatively.
28) What are four skills that are essential in the nursing practice?
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28) Cognitive, technical, interpersonal, ethical
29) What is critical thinking?
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29) A systematic way to form and shape one's thinking.
30) What is the first step when thinking critically?
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30) Identify the purpose or goal of your thinking.

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