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1) What is home healthcare?
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1) Services provided for recovering, disabled, or chronically ill people who are in need of treatment or support to function effectively in the home environment.
2) Care in the home environment is provided to which patients?
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2) All ages with both acute and chronic illness, disabilities and terminal illness.
3) When providing home healthcare, nurses focus oh which type of care?
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3) Community-based care
4) What type of duties do nurses have while providing home healthcare?
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4) Performing direct care, supervise other care providers, coordinate client care with members of the healthcare team, advocate for the client and family, and teach family members or other caregivers how to care for the patient.
5) What are the essential components of home healthcare?
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5) The patient, the family, healthcare professionals, and the goals of helping the patient reach maximum independence and health.
6) Home healthcare is (Increasing/decreasing).
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6) Increasing
7) In the late 1800's, America experienced a large influx of _____ and most cities grew rapidly.
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7) Immigrants
8) Who opened the Henry Street Settlement House.
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8) Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster
9) When was the Henry Street Settlement opened?
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9) 1893
10) Where was the Henry Street Settlement located?
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10) New York City
11) What was the purpose of the Henry Street Settlement?
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11) Providing care to poor residents living in tenants.
12) Before this war, physicians often made house calls to treat the sick.
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12) World War II
13) T/F In the mid 1960's, federally financed healthcare services expanded to include the older population.
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13) True
14) In what year did the Social Security Act provide coverage or home healthcare to older persons participating in Medicare.
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14) 1965
15) What provided the structure for most home healthcare agencies today?
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15) The Medicare Medicaid programs
16) T/F The need for home healthcare services is increasing as population ages.
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16) True
17) T/F Home healthcare is needed more because people are being discharged from the acute care setting quicker.
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17) True
18) People choosing to die in their own home is (increasing, decreasing) the need of home healthcare.
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18) Increasing
19) T/F Third party payers have sought a way to reduce the escalating costs of healthcare through the use of managed care programs that include home healthcare.
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19) True
20) The NAHC estimates that how many people are receiving home healthcare.
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20) Approx. 7.6 million
21) What happened in the late 1800's to increase the home healthcare agencies?
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21) America experienced a large influx of immigrants and most cities grew rapidly.
22) These agencies are operated by state or local governments and primarily financed by tax funds.
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22) Official or public agencies.
23) These agencies are supported by donations, endowments, charities and insurance reimbursements.
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23) Voluntary or private not-for-profit agencies
24) For-profit-organizations governed by individual owners or national corporations.
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24) Private agencies
25) These agencies operate under a parent organization, such as a hospital.
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25) Institution-based agencies
26) T/F An agency must be certified by Medicare to receive reimbursement for services from Medicare.
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26) True
27) What is the role of the physician in home healthcare?
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27) Certifies that the patient has a health problem to receive home healthcare.
28) What is the role of the nurse in home healthcare?
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28) Supervises and coordinates direct care to patients and families. Teaches patient and family self-care. Conducts research to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality of care.
29) What is the role of the physical therapist in home healthcare?
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29) Provides direct care, such as muscle-strengthening exercises, gait training and massage.
30) What is the role of the occupational therapist in home healthcare?
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30) Evaluates the patient's functional level and teaching activities to promote self-care in activities of daily living.

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