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1) What are the two essential aspects of nursing?
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1) A body of knowledge and the application of that knowledge through clinical nursing practice.
2) The knowledge base provides:
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2) Rationale for nursing interventions
3) What is the definition of knowledge?
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3) An awareness of the reality one acquires through learning or investigation.
4) Knowledge comes from a variety of sources, and may be:
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4) Traditional, authoritative, or scientific
5) What is traditional knowledge?
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5) The part of nursing practice passed down from generation to generation.
6) We've always done it that way is an example of which type of knowledge?
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6) Traditional Knowledge
7) What is authoritative knowledge?
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7) Knowledge that comes from a expert and is accepted as truth based on the person's perceived expertise.
8) When a senior staff nurse teaches a new graduate nurse an easier way of doin a technical procedure is an example of which type of knowledge?
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8) Authoritative knowledge
9) What is scientific knowledge?
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9) Knowledge arrived at through the scientific method
10) What is the definition of science?
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10) A body of knowledge; observing, identifying, describing, investigating, and explaining events and occurences that are perceived in the world.
11) Philosophy is:
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11) The study of wisdom, fundamental knowledge, and the processes we use to develop and construct our perceptions of life.
12) T/F Philosophy provides a viewpoint and implies a system of values and beliefs.
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12) True
13) A process is:
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13) A series of actions, changes, or functions intended to bring about a desired result.
14) During a process, one takes ____ and ____ steps to meet a goal and uses both assessments and feedback to direct actions to meet the goal.
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14) Systematic; continuous
15) Nightingale influenced nursing knowledge and practive by (3):
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15) Demonstrating efficient and knowledgeable nursing care; defining nursing practice as separate from medical practice; differentiating between health nursing and illness nursing.
16) T/F The training of nurses was initially carried out under the direction and contol of the medical profession.
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16) True
17) Most schools of nursing establised in the U.S were adapted from _______ models.
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17) Nightingale's
18) As a result of this, women increased in the workforce.
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18) World War I and II
19) Define Theory:
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19) Composed of a group of concepts that describe a pattern of reality.
20) What is deductive reasoning?
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20) One examines a general idea and then considers specific actions or ideas.
21) What is Inductive Reasoning?
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21) One builds from specific ideas or actions to conclusions about general ideas.
22) What is the definition of concepts>
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22) Abstract impressions organized into symbols of reality.
23) A group of concepts that follows an understandable pattern makes up:
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23) Conceptual framework or model
24) Nursing theory:
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24) Is developed to describe the phenomenon called nursing.
25) The primary theorist of the General Systems Theory was:
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25) Ludwig von Bertalanffy
26) When was the General Systems Theory emerged?
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26) 1920's
27) What does the General Systems Theory describe?
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27) How to berak whole things into parts and then to learn how the parts work together in systems.
28) Define system:
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28) A set of interacting elemants, all contributing to the overall goal of the system.
29) What is the adaptation theory?
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29) Adaptation as the adjustment of living matter to other living matter to other living things and to environmental conditions.
30) Adaptation is continously occurring process that effects change and involves _____ and response.
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30) Interaction

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