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1) T/F Healthcare is provided within many different types of facilities to meet the needs of people.
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1) True
2) What is the definition of inpatient?
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2) A person who enters a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, and remains for more than 24 hours.
3) What is the definition of outpatient?
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3) Those who require healthcare but do not need to stay in the facility.
4) The percentage of RNs working in hospitals is (declining/rising)
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4) Declining
5) More than _ out of 5 RNs are employed in hospitals
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5) 3
6) Ambulatory care centers and clinics may be located where?
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6) In hospitals, free-standing service provided by a group of healthcare providers who work together, or may be managed by a nurse practitioner.
7) T/F Home healthcare is one of the most rapidly growing areas of the healthcare system.
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7) True
8) Nurses who provide care in the home do what?
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8) Make assessments, provide physical care, administer medicines, teach and support family members.
9) What are long-term care facilities?
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9) Facilities that provide healthcare and help with the activates of daily living for people of any age who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves independently.
10) What is respite care?
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10) A type of care provided for caregivers of homebound ill, disabled, or elderly patients.
11) What is hospice?
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11) A program of palliative and supportive care services providing physical, psychological, social and spiritual care for dying persons, their families, and other loved ones.
12) Hospice care is most often provided where?
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12) In the home
13) What is alcoholics anonymous:
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13) an international organization for recovering alcoholics.
14) What is the purpose of alcoholics anonymous?
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14) To help individuals stop drinking and remain sober.
15) What do cancer support groups focus on?
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15) Supporting and solving problems experienced by people diagnosed with cancer.
16) What is the Reach to Recovery program?
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16) A program for women who have had a breast removed for cancer or have had breast reconstruction surgery
17) Parish nurses function as:
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17) Health educators, resource and referral aids, and facilitators of lay and volunteer and support groups.
18) Who do VA hospitals provide care to?
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18) Veterans, and active members of the armed forces and their immediate families.
19) What is the Public Health Service?
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19) A federal health agency under the direction of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
20) What is the physician responsible for/
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20) The diagnoses of illness and the medical or surgical treatment of that illness.
21) What are the PA's responsibilities?
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21) Conducting physical examinations, suturing lacerations and depend on the physician supervising.
22) What does the physical therapist do?
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22) Seeks to restore function or to prevent further disability in a patient after an injury or illness
23) The respiratory therapist are trained to:
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23) Improve lung function and oxygenation
24) What is the occupational therapist responsible for?
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24) Assisting physically challenged patients to adapt to limitations.
25) What is a speech therapist trained to do?
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25) Help hearing-impaired patients speak more clearly, to assist patients who have had a stroke to return to speak, and to correct or modify a variety of speech disturbances.
26) What is the duty of the Registered Dietitian?
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26) Manage and plan for the dietary needs of the patients, based on knowledge about all aspects of nutrition.
27) What is the role of the pharmacist?
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27) To formulate and dispense medications.
28) What is the role of the social worker?
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28) Counsels patients and family members and also informs them of and refers them to various community resources.
29) What is the role of the unlicensed assistive personnel?
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29) Help nurses provide direct care to patients.
30) What is a managed care system?
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30) A way of providing care that is designed to control the cost while still maintaining the quality of that care.

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