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1) Previously, the nurse's action was primarily the liability of the _____ or the ______.
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1) Physician; Agency
2) T/F It has never been more important for nurses to document their actions carefully and act in ways to prevent malpractice accusations.
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2) True
3) What is a law?
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3) A standard or rule of conduct established and enforced by the government.
4) Laws are inteded chiefly to protect the rights of the _______.
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4) Public
5) What is public law?
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5) A law in which the government is involved directly.
6) What is private law?
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6) A law that regulates relationships among people.
7) What is criminal law?
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7) Concerns state and federal criminal statuses.
8) What are the four sources of law?
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8) 1. Consitituitions 2. Statutes 3. Administrative law 4. Common law
9) What are constitutions?
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9) Indicate how the federal and state govenments are created and are given authority and state the principles and provisions for establishing specific laws.
10) T/F Although they contain relatively few laws, constituitions serve as guides to legislative bodies.
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10) True
11) What are statutory laws?
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11) Laws that must be in keeping with both the federal consitution and the state constituition
12) T/F Nurse Practice Acts are examples of statutory laws.
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12) True
13) An example of a municipal administrative agency is the city _____ ___ _______.
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13) City board of health
14) Common law is:
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14) Court-made law
15) Common law is based on the principle of _____ ______, or let the decision stand
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15) Stare decisis
16) T/F After a decision has been made in a court of law, the principle in that decision becomes the rule to follow in similar other cases.
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16) True
17) What is a precedent?
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17) The case that first sets down the rule by decision
18) What is a lawsuit?
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18) A legal action in a court.
19) What is litigation?
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19) The process of bringing and trying a lawsuit
20) The person or government bringing suit against another is called a _______.
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20) Plaintiff
21) The one being accused of a crime is called the _______.
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21) Defendant
22) The two levels of courts in the United States are:
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22) Trial courts and appellate courts.
23) The trial court, the first level court, does what?
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23) Heals all the evidence in a case and makes decisions based on facts, usually though a jury.
24) The appellate court hears what?
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24) Only cases questioning a point of law decided through a jury.
25) T/F No witnesses testify at the appellate court.
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25) True
26) Both of these controls are designed to ensure quality healthcare and to protect society from unsafe actions:
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26) Voluntary and legal controls
27) The most important law affecting your nursing practice is:
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27) Your state's Nurse Practice Acts
28) Each state has a Nurse Practice Act that:
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28) Protects the public by broadly defining the legal scope of nursing practice
29) T/F Nurse Practice Acts list the violaions that can result in disciplinary actions against a nurse and also serve to exclude untrained or unlicensed people from practicing nursing.
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29) True
30) Medicare and Medicaid provisions related to reimbursement for nursing services are an example of:
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30) Federal legislation

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