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1) Cultural diversity includes:
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1) Varying racial classification and national origin, religious affliation, language, physical size, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic status, occupational status and geographic location.
2) How is culture defined?
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2) A shared system of beliefs, values, and behavioral expectations that provide social structure for daily living.
3) What are the characteristics of a culture:
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3) Culture guides behavior into acceptable ways for people in a specific group. It is learned by each new generation through both formal and informal life experiences. The practices of a particular culture often arise because of the group's social and physical environment. Cultural practices and beliefs may evolve over time, but they remain constant as long as they satisfy a group's needs. Culture influences the way people of a gropu view themselves, have expectations, and behave in response to certain situations.
4) What is a subculture?
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4) A large group of people who are members of a larger cultural group but have certain ethnic, occupational, or physical characteristics that are not common to the larger culture.
5) T/F Nursing is a subculture of healthcare.
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5) True
6) T/F Culture includes both dominant and minority groups.
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6) True
7) What is a dominant group?
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7) The group within a country or society that has the most authority to control values and sanctions of the society. It is usually the largest group in the culture.
8) The dominant group in the United States is currently composed of white _________-class people of the European ancestry
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8) Middle
9) What are some of the dominant values that have a stong influence our society of a whole.
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9) Youth, thinness, and beauty; success and achievement; independence and self-reliance; technology; work; ownership; duty and conscience
10) What is a minority group:
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10) Most often has some physical or cultural characteristic that identifies the people within it as different.
11) What does cultural assimilation mean?
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11) When members of a minority group live within a dominant group and lost the cultural characteristics that made them different.
12) How is cultural shock defined?
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12) The feelings a person experiences when placed in a different culture.
13) How is ethnicity defined?
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13) The sense of idnetification with a collective cultural group, largely based on group's common heritage. Includes language and dialect, religious practices, literature, music, folklore, political interests, food preferences, and employment patterns.
14) How is race defined?
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14) Racial categories are based on specific physical characteristics.
15) Assuming that all members of a culture, subculture, or ethnic group act alike is:
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15) Stereotyping
16) The belief that everyone should conform to the majority belief system is:
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16) Cultural Imposition
17) Cultural Blindness is:
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17) The result of ignoring differences and proceeding as though they do not exist.
18) What is cultural conflict?
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18) The state that occurs when people become aware of cultural differences, feel threatened, and respond by ridiculing the beliefs and traditions of others to make themselves feel more secure.
19) The are around a person regarded as part of the person; varying among people and cultural and ethnic groups.
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19) Personal Space
20) How is ethnocentrism defined?
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20) The belief that one's ideas, beliefs, and practices are the best, are superior, or are most preferred to those of others.
21) T/F The process and the rate of assimilation are individulaized.
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21) True
22) _____ ______ assimilation does occur, with some characteristics of both groups being traded.
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22) Mutual Cultural
23) _____ often results from colliding cultures.
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23) Stress
24) Some feeling a person may feel in a new culture are (7)
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24) Foolish, ferful, incompetent, inadequate, embarrassed, humiliated or inferior
25) Some diminate values are: (7)
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25) Youth, success and achievement, independence and self-reliance, technology, work, ownership, duty and conscience.
26) T/F Racial categories aren't based on specific physical characteristics.
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26) False: Racial categories are typically based on specific physical characteristics.
27) The belief that all Italians are emotional is an example of what concept related to cultural diversity?
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27) Stereotyping
28) What are some examples of negative sterotyping?
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28) Racism, sexism, ageism
29) T/F Sterotyping is often done by members of the dominant group about the minority group in a culture.
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29) True
30) T/F It is important for nurses to be aware of, and sensitive to, the needs of a culturally diverse patient population.
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30) True

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