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1) T/F Nursing is the care of others
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2)Most early civilizations believed that illness had _______ causes.
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3)Nursing as we know it is based on the beliefs of this person.
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3)Florence Nightingale
4)Florence Nightingale's contricbutions are:
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(4) Identifying the perosnal needs of the patient and the rold of the nurse in meeting those needs
5)___________ is the founder of the American Red Cross in 1882.
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5)Clara Barton
6)___________ was the first African American nurse to graduate
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6) Mary Mahoney
7)___________ was the superintendent of Femal Nurses of the Army during the Civil War
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7) Dorthea Dix
8)___________ organized diet kitchens, laundries and an ambulance service and supervised nursing staff during the civil war
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8)Mary Ann Bickerdyke
9)___________ organized the New York Charities Aid Association
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9)Louise Schuyler
10)__________ was the first trained nurse in the United States
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10)Linda Richards
11)__________provided social services within a neighborhood setting; also recipient of the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize
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11)Jane Addams
12)__________is the founder of Public Health Nursing
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12)Lillian Wald
13)__________was America's first African American nurse
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13)Mary Elizabeth Mahoney
14)_________ was active in the underground railroad movement before joining the Union Army during the Civil War
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14) Harriet Tubman
15)_________ established a training program for nurses at the Montreal General Hospital
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15)Nora Gertrude Livingston
16) _________ was one of the founders of the Canadian Nurses Association
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16) Mary Agnes Snively
17)__________not only provided care to soldiers during the Civil War but also worked for the women's movement.
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17)Sojourner Truth
18)__________organinzed the nursing school at Johns Hopkins Hospital
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18)Isabel Hampton Robb
19)She became the first professor of nursing in the world.
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19)Mary Adelaide Nutting
20)She orgaized the Canadian Women's Army Corps during WWII
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20)Elizabeth Smellie
21)She was instrumental in the Constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote.
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21)Lavinia Dock
22)Established the Frontier Nursing Service and one of the first midwifery schools in the US.
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22)Mary Breckenridge
23)In what year did Florence Nightingale publish her book, Notes on Nursing
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24)in 1973, the ANA publishes what document?
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24)Standards of Nursing Practice
25)T/F WWII created a need for more nurses and resulted in a knowlidge explosionin medicine and technology.
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26)What are the four broad aims of nursing practices that can be identified in the definitions of nursing? (4)
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26)To promote health, to prevent illness, to restore health, to facilitate coping with disability or death.
27)To achieve the goals of nursing, nurses rely on these four essential competencies. (4)
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27)cognitive, technical, interpersonal, skills
28)T/F Cognitively skilled nurses are able to use critical thinking to solve problems creatively.
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29)T/F Technically skilled nurses manipulate equipment skillfully to produce a desired outcome.
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30)________ is identified as a state of optimal functioning or well-being.
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