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2) Who developed the hierarchy of needs?
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2) Abraham Maslow
3) What does the hierarchy of needs provide?
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3) A basis for which needs should be at least minimally met before other needs are considered.
4) Something is a basic need if (6):
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4) Its absence results in illness. Its presence helps prevent illness or signals of health. Meeting it restores health. One feels something is missing when the need is unmet. It is preferred over other satisfaction when unmet. One feels satisfaction when the need is met.
5) Why did Maslow arrange the hierarchy of needs?
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5) To show that certain needs are more basic than others.
6) The five level of needs are (5):
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6) Physiologic needs. Safety and security needs. Love and belonging needs. Self-esteem needs. Self-actualization needs.
7) Oxygen, food, water, temperature, elimination, sexualtiy, physical activity and rest are considered what kind of needs?
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7) Physiologic needs
8) What needs should be met first and foremost?
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8) Physiologic needs
9) _________ is the most essential of all needs because all body cells require oxygen for survival.
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9) Oxygen
10) Which two systems primarily carry out oxygentation of the body?
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10) Respiratory and Cardiovascular
11) How do nursing evaluate patients' oxygen status? (4)
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11) Assessing skin color, vital signs, anxiety levels, responoses to activity and mental responsiveness
12) A balance between ______ and _____ of fluids is essential to life.
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12) Elimination and Intake
13) Either _____ or edema evidences changes in the water balance of the body.
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13) Dehydration
14) Dehydration occurs from conditions such as:
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14) Severe diarrhea or vomiting
15) How does the nurse assess water balance? (4)
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15) Measuring intake and output, testing the resiliency of the skin, checking the condition of the skin and mucous membranes, and weighing the patient.
16) Food balance is maintained through which two processes?
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16) Digestive and Metabolic
17) The need for food is manifested through what?
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17) Hunger
18) Insufficient nutrient intake results in nutrient and electrolyte imbalances and ____ _____.
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18) Weight loss
19) How are waste products eliminated from the body?
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19) Through the skin, lungs, kidneys and intestines.
20) How is nutritional status assessed?
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20) By weight, muscle mass, strength and lab values.
21) The human body functions best withing a narrow range of temperatures, usually considered as plus or minus __________?
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21) 98.6 F or 37 C
22) ______ ________ and adaptive responses help maintain the bodies temperature.
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22) Homeostatic mechanisms
23) T/F Body temperature is considered a vital sign.
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23) True
24) T/F Sexuality is an integral component of each individual.
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24) True
25) ______ activity and rest are basic physiologic needs.
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25) Physical
26) Physical activity can be accomplished with intact and functioning _____and ____ systems.
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26) Neuromuscular; skeletal
27) T/F Rest and sleep allow time for the body to rejunivate and be free of stress.
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27) True
28) Some factors that influence sleep are (5):
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28) age, environment, exercise, stress, drug use
29) T/F Sleep requirements vary widely.
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29) True
30) T/F Sleep deprivation can cause significant results.
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30) True
31) What is the second level of Hierarchy of Basic Needs?
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31) Safety and Security Needs

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