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Two or more people living together and related by blood, marriage or adoption is referred to as a _________ family.
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A _________ family is characterized by several nuclear families who may or may not live together that function as one group.
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Extended family
How many generations are implicated in family reactions to past, preset and anticipated future relationships?
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Three generations
When is a family considered dysfunctional?
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When interactions, decisions or behaviors interfere with positive development of both the family and its individual members.
What are the several functions served by a family of an individual with mental illness that are typically not needed by those without mental illness?
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Providing support, information regarding care and treatment, monitoring the services received by the individual and advocating for services (like residential care).
When does a nurse typically conduct a family assessment?
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When caring for patients and their families for extended periods of time or when a patient has complex mental health problems that requires family support for optimal care.
How can a genogram aid in a family assessment?
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It can facilitate acquiring a family history, be used as a framework for exploring relationships, and patterns of health/illness.
Family __________ refers to all the processes connected with the growth of a family including changes associated with work, moving, migration, acculturation and serious illness.
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Family development
Family ______ refers to significant events related to the arrival or departure of members, including births, deaths, children leaving home, retirement and divorce.
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Family life cycles
What is an example of a first order change in a family life cycle?
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All the children of a stay at home mom are finally attending school allowing the parent to return to work.
What is an example of a second order change in a family life cycle?
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A college age child moves out of the home to attend school.
A __________order change in a family life cycle is one in which change in the system itself signals a transition from one stage to the next. For example, giving birth to a baby adds a member to the family.
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Second order
A __________ order change in a family life cycle is one in which rearrangements occur in the family system. For example, a parent accepts a job with a lot of travel. They are still a family member, but aren't at home as often.
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First order
When are family stresses more likely to cause symptoms or dysfunctions?
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During transition times (periods of addition, substraction or changes in status of a family member).
What is a condensed life cycle?
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A life cycle identified in impoverished African American families in which family members leave home, mate, have children and become grandparents earlier in life than working class or middle class cohorts.
What is the impact of a condensed life cycle on the individuals within the family?
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Members assume new roles and responsibilities before they are developmentally capable of handling them, education becomes a low priority, males cannot differentiate themselves from family or peers and menial employment is often all that is available.
What are the characteristics of a female-headed household of the extended-family type, typically seen in impoverished communities?
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A woman, her children and their children live together without clear delineation of their respective roles.
What are the four characteristics of families living in poverty?
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Condensed life cycles, female-headed household of the extended family type, chronic stress and untimely losses and reliance on institutional supports.
What are the priorities of a family assessment?
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Identifying stressful events and coping mechanisms
How can a nurse assess the problem solving skills of a family?
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Focus on a recent problem the family has experienced and determine how they solved it.
What are the four stages of the Calgary Family Assessment Model developed by Wright and Leahey?
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Engagement (greeting the family/making them comfortable), assessment (ID problems, develop relationship), intervention and termination.
In Bowen's Family Systems Therapy Model, what is the difference between intrapsychic and interpersonal differentiation?
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Intrapsychic differentiation is the ability to separate thinking from feeling and thinking througha behavior before acting on it. Interpersonal differentiation is the process of freeing oneself from emotional family chaos.
________ differentiation means separating thinking from feeling.
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________ differentiation means separating oneself from emotional chaos of family.
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_________ are the smallest stable unit in human relations.
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Triangles (Bowen)
What does it mean when someone triangulates something/someone in a relationship?
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Bringing someone or something into a relationship to reduce tension and anxiety. For example, a woman confiding in her friend when she and her husband have argued.
In families, triangulating occurs when a husband and wife diffuse tension by focusing on __________.
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The children-this causes an overly intense relationship and symptomatology in the child like bedwetting.
What does Bowen describe as the family projection process?
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Projection of anxious, enmeshed concern onto a child as a result of triangulation resulting in dysfunctional family dynamics.
A patterned reaction in daily interactions between spouses is referred to as ___________.
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Nuclear family emotional process
The transferring of emotional processes from one generation to the next is referred to as __________.
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Multigenerational transmission process

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